The German Translation of ABC’s of Anarchy  is coming along! I just heard from the person who is translating ABC’s of Anarchy into German and the report is that progress is being made, and much fun is being had. There are a few issues that I didn’t think of, such as the fact that when translated, some of the words will begin with different letters. We’ll figure out how to move forward with that though.

Also, the question arose regarding the “gender role” page. I initially wrote “few behaviors are determined by one’s sex” and the translator suggested that there NO behaviors were determined by sex. At the time, my wife was pregnant, and s…o I consciously wrote “few” because as far as I know, men cannot choose to bear children or easily breastfeed (my doctor did inform me that if I had started taking a certain hormone three months prior to my kid being born, that I could have actually breast-fed).