(This post is very very late!)

Saturday morning (September 17th, 2011), we met up with some old friends in Union Square, where our kids played together on the playground.  To do a little prep-work, I asked our friend’s 5-year old daughter if I could read her the ABC’s of Anarchy, and she gleefully said sure.  We were reading the book, and I was asking her the questions on every page and she had a great time answering them.  I felt a little relieved, since I really hadn’t read the book to a kid in a while, and I was a little nervous about how it would go.

Brian Heagney presents the first "Youth Takeover" at Bluestockings

Brian Heagney presents the first "Youth Takeover" at Bluestockings

We had a fairly small reading at Bluestockings that afternoon, with only a few kids showing up: two were only a few months old (no too talkative); one was shy (I completely understand, since I was probably even shyer when I was his age), and two were extremely talkative and answered every question I asked them.

I was able to see old friends whom I haven’t seen in years, and I also met a couple who came out to Bluestockings because they really wanted to see the book and hear the reading.  I really hope I met their expectations!