(This is also a very late post, but I wanted to just write a little bit about this great event that took place)

First off, I was honored to be included in a great line-up of great people.  There was Tomas Moniz and Jeremy Adam Smith (co-editors of the book Rad Dad: Dispatches from the frontiers of fatherhood), and also Ayun Halliday (writer of the East Village Inky zine – http://www.ayunhalliday.com/inky/) and Vikki Law (writer, photographer and mother – http://www.pmpress.org/content/article.php?story=vikkilaw).

This was the second night of reading with the Rad Dad tour, and it was great to experience a different kind of reading.  The previous day, we read at Libertalia Autonomous Space in Providence, RI, and the place was crawling with kids – it was hectic and great.  This Saturday evening reading at Bluestockings was completely different.  Quiet, calm, people sitting in rows of chairs, still.  No one rolling around on mats or doing cartwheels or clapping hands in inappropriate moments.

Anyway, there’s no way I could retell what happened, other than it was a very fun, funny and touching experience to hear the readers already mentioned above, and I am very thankful to have been included.

Before the reading, I went to the register right at the moment that someone was purchasing a copy of ABC’s of Anarchy.  I heard the buyer say something like “And I’ll definitely be getting this.”  I looked up to find that it was none other than Sander Hicks (author, publisher, founder of Softskull Press – http://www.sanderhicks.com/)  I have known of Sander for a long time, I lived around the corner from Soft Skull Press’ walk-in store in Brooklyn, and loved to just go and check out all the amazing books.  Later, when Sander opened Vox Pop (a coffee shop / book store / activist center) I visited as often as I could.  About a year ago I bumped into Sander at a wedding.  It had turned out that this particular evening of the Bluestockings reading, Sander wasn’t even planning on attending, it was an impromptu stop off before heading out with a friend.

I have been very lucky to coincidentally bump into Sander these last couple times, and I hope it continues happening in the future.  Thanks for buying my book Sander!  See you soon!