I was pleasantly surprised just the other day to see ABC’s of Anarchy mentioned in a blog-post recently.  I had never heard of “Clashdaily” before, so the experience going through the site was completely mind-blowing.  I know maybe a handful of people to whom this site might appeal for serious reasons.  I, of course, love the site because it reminds me of a “poe” site, or perhaps the Onion, or something like that.  Part of me just cannot believe that people can be so serious when they write articles claiming that liberals want to rape and murder a 6-year old boy merely because some youtube comments are horrific.  I mean, if you have ever visited youtube for anything, you will notice that they are almost always horrific, racist, sexist, homophobic and any other awful tone you can think of.

So, in light of the general tone of the site, I suppose the critique of the book is about as rational as I can expect from a contributor of Clashdaily.  I responded as best I could using as little space as possible, and I have emailed Loretta suggesting that I’m always open for dialogue and further conversation if she’s interested, and I hope to hear back.

In the meantime, if you’re in for a good laugh, please follow this link and read.

Here is a small excerpt:

Now that you have no home, no family, no sense of right and wrong, no one to tell you “no”… no God … hook up with the Animal Liberation Front or Earth Liberation Front – or both. Become a radical, earth-worshipping, ecoterrorist who believes animals should have the same rights as humans. Why not?

“L” is for Liberation, so join up with these criminal extremists who spike trees in the Pacific Northwest, firebomb universities, attack farms and car dealers, commit acts of vandalism, theft, violence and wage a war of hatred against people with whom they disagree.