When I first sought out an ABC’s of Anarchy for kids in 2003, and then even when I set out to do this project on my own in 2007, I had never seen anything close to this concept.  However, within the few months that I was finishing up the project, I ended up coming across a number of ABC’s of Anarchies…of sorts.  Here’s a list of them:

ABC’s of Anarchism, by Alexander Berkman.  The original text.  I had known of this text from the start, but it wasn’t necessarily a “children’s book”.

ABC’s of Anarchism, by Negativland and Chumbawamba.  Amazing album I came across when I was slowly discovering the amazing world of Anarchy.  This album is what got me searching for a kid’s ABC’s of Anarchy in the first place.

A is for Anarchy: An Anarchist’s Alphabet, by Zack Rock (I think!).  Man does this look good.  All I can see is the one illustration, but it really blows my book out of the universe.

An Anarchist’s ABC’s (for Zoe).  I came across this about a year ago, when I was finalizing a lot of the content in my own book.

NeverMind Your P’s and Q’s: A Punk Alphabet. So, this isn’t really an ABC’s of Anarchy book, but the first page is “A is for Anarchy”.  When I first came across it I thought that it was going to be a much better, flashier version of what I was creating, but it’s actually a lot different.

Alphabet Anarchy.  When I was in the process of approving my final draft, I saw this book show up on Amazon, a mere month before mine!  Again I thought, wow, an ABC’s of Anarchy that is better drawn, full color, and much cooler than mine…but then I realized that it wasn’t so much “anarchy” as it was “adult” themed.

Reddit’s ABC’s of Anarchism Someone had posted a link to my work in progress onto the reddit: Anarchism site.  Many of the people hated my book, and decided to start their own.

So there it is, lots of ABC’s of Anarchy or Anarchism, and hopefully the list will continue growing!