Definitely not to be missed! –Graphic Witness: Visual Arts & Social Commentary

Very Good! –Mark Hosler (Co-Founder of Negativland)

Yes. Interesting. I love what you’re doing. –Boff Whalley (Vocalist and Guitarist of Chumbawamba)

Finally an abecedarius to smash alphabetical order. –Agent Markatos from Crimethinc. (co-author of “Days of War, Nights of Love”)

The ABC’s of Anarchy will be among the first volumes on the pyre when the elites of the civilized world start to feel threatened by the agitating minority. ‘How dare someone tell children about Anarchy!’ They will cry. ‘They should be reading their bibles and shopping in the mall; not giving them ideas about freedom, rebellion and equality.’ What a wonderful idea for a book. Oh, how I would love to see copies of this little gem appearing on the shelves of school libraries across the world. –Keith Farnish (author of “Time’s Up” and founder of The Earth Blog)

An all-time favorite for people to pass down within their families and given as gifts to friends and colleagues, comrades and co-conspirators throughout time and crimes. –Nikki Craft (Always Causing Legal Unrest)

If I was a breeder, I would want this book for the reproductions. As it is, I would want this book for all children to read, just before they become adulterated. — Sue Coe

This book is fun to read and certain to get tongues a-waggin’! Dig in! — Rob Los Ricos

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